Successes & Failures

I have titled this page successes and failures, because let's be realistic...on any diet, you are going to have your ups and downs! I have included a picture to the left taken April 2021 after the year of stress and grief. I hate this photo!! Looking at it, I can tell that I am pretending to have fun, but I'm going through the motions.  I got the shock of my life when I saw it for the first time and cried for days. My inflammation from lupus was out of control and I was eating comfort foods and not exercising...which if you know me, you would know that wasn't normal. Up until I was banned after knee surgery, I was jogging, dancing, playing tennis, swimming and even aerobicizing. After knee surgery I was only allowed to walk, ride a bike or swim. 

I moved out of my house 4 years ago and back to the house I grew up in to help my aunts out with medical issues and finances, and with the sale of my house, we hired a contractor to do some improvements to the house.  The contractor turned out to be a conman who took the money and left the house and pool in worse shape than when we started.  We ended up having to have the pool taken, no more swimming...but I digress!  

I officially started the Eat like a Bear diet on Sunday, September 25. I was going to wait until October, but honestly I can't take being this overweight much longer...

I have chosen to do my weigh ins on Sundays and Wednesdays, and yes, I will be sharing my weight on this site, even though I am mortified! I am using ketone sticks and even checking my blood once a day to test where I am at in ketosis.  Knowing myself well after 50 years, I know I will check several times the first couple of days in order to find the optimal time based on my results...So far, I have found 8:00 AM is prime for blood while 10:30 AM is prime for the keto sticks.

My Stats


Weight Loss Stats 2023

My semaglutide experience

I began my journey with a generic semaglutide compound on July 19. It has been an up and down journey so far, but I finally feel like I am with the right place. The first site I joined, (QuickMD), stopped their semaglutide program a month in...the second place I joined, (ReflexMD), reduced the already light dosage I was on and charged twice the money. I am now with Alchemy Wellness, which is also local to me, and I have started my first dosage with them. I feel good about this place and will update in my journal my experiences. 

My goal stays the same...I want to get control over my nightly cravings and lose at least 60 pounds. I have chosen Monday Mornings as my official weigh in date, and I am going to try to stay off the scale during the week.

August 6, 2023

I really hate that I can't look at this picture and remember the joy...all I see is the fat