My Weight Loss Journey Part II

July 2023...and no I am really not happy about the way I look.

Here We Go Again...

Well, here we go again! I fell off the Eat Like A Bear Diet in December 2022 and due to stress, and just a lack of willpower, I did not get back on it. The result...I gained the weight back, my feet and legs were swollen by the end of the day and I was not a happy person.

I was able to take 5 weeks off from work this summer, and I read, slept and really thought about what I wanted my life to be like. Right now, it consists of work...that is it. I work, come home and go to bed and on weekends, I do laundry, take care of the yard, sleep in and read...not a great situation...especially for weight loss.

A family member, who is even more overweight than I am, started taking the Ozempic shot, and I was told that she has lost a lot of I checked into it. I started taking a semaglutide shot once weekly beginning July 19. I began with the company QuickMD. Unfortunately, they stopped the generic version before my month was out, so I had to find another company. I went with the company ReflexMD, which was obscenely expensive, and they started me at a lower dose than I was currently taking...which screwed with my progress.

As of today, August 31, I have lost 8.7 pounds. 

I am now working with a local clinic called Alchemy Wellness. I really like working with Teresa. She listened to what I have gone through and where I want to go and she helped me make a plan that I hope will work. With Alchemy, you get 24-7 help and access to a site where you log journal entries, food, weight and exercise which can be linked to your Fitbit. They have the ability to see what you are logging which helps with accountability.