Eat Like A Bear Diet

About Eat Like A Bear

I learned about this diet from a Woman's World Magazine. In the October 3, 2022 issue there was an article titled 'Big Mac' Cure for over 50 fat. Color me intrigued...although I prefer their quarter pounders with cheese! This article mentioned a three day challenge and a diet called the eat like a bear diet. After reading the article, I wanted to learn I went to the website I read everything I could find on the creator and on the diet itself.

The premise is simple, and one I used to do in college. You eat a low carb, high vegetable and protein diet between 1200 and 2000 calories. You eat between one hour a day and fast for 23 hours. Everyone is encouraged to tweak this to fit your likes, but the goal is to cut out processed food and sugar. It is similar to the Atkins diet, but it discourages snacking and multiple meals, because why should you eat if you are not hungry?!

They start you off with a 3 day challenge:

Day One: Eat a ridiculously big salad (the recipe can be found on the website)

Day 2: Skillet bake with veggies and protein

Day 3: Eat another ridiculously big salad

Hopefully after day three you will be motivated to continue with the diet. Most of this info is free on the website or in the magazine, but you can purchase pdf's and join a bear den for a fee.

The idea of this is to put your body in ketosis and like a bear during hibernation, have your body use your fat stores for energy. The creator of this diet lived in one of the most obese areas in California. She created this plan because she needed to lose some weight before she had bariatric surgery. She ended up losing over 100 pounds without having the surgery and maintaining the weight loss since. When people in her area saw her results, they began to use the plan and they lost over 100 pounds.

Realistically, I do not need to lose 100 pounds. For a healthy weight, I need to lose 75 pounds, but my ideal weight loss would be 90-100 pounds. This would put me back at that size I am trying it!

Article from Woman's World Magazine

This is the article that caught my eye and led me to research the eat like a bear lifestyle.